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Let's first take a look at what makes the buttocks round and firm.

The form and structure of butt is determined by the amount of fat and muscles in there. The more the muscles and fats there are, the bigger your butt gets.

EnvyCurve helps you accumulate fats JUST in your derriere and nowhere else. It will NOT make you gain weight. It promotes the production and accumulation of fats on your buttocks to achieve that gorgeous curve that everyone will envy.

EnvyCurve contains VOLUPLUS an ingredient that has undergone extensive clinical studies and has been tested and proven to increase the size and formation of fat cells only on the body part where it was applied.

VOLUPLUS™ is a cosmetic ingredient capable of stimulating the creation of new adipose cells and increasing body volume.

Lab Testing & Human Trial Results

Based on lab testing and human trials, VOLUPLUS increases the accumulation of fat (lipids) by 22% and it raised the aP2 gene (protein carrier for fatty acids) by 600%.

Not only were there more fat cells in the butt, they were also bigger, which means that EnvyCurve increases the size of your butt even on the microscopic level.

Under these conditions: -It increases accumulated lipids by 22% -It raises the aP2 gene expression up to 600%

Analysis of genic expression

The aP2 gene is the protein carrier for fatty acid and is also the fatty acid binding protein. In order to determine the effectiveness of the main ingredient of EnvyCurve, which is the VOLUPLUS, the aP2 gene was studied and observed as to how they reacted to the ingredient. Some samples were cultured and VOLUPLUS was added to the samples. RNA was then extracted and complimentary DNA was synthesized. Sections of DNA and RNA were amplified for analysis (Polymerase Chain Reaction) in order to determine the levels of aP2 gene. The values of samples that were treated were compared to the control samples to determine how VOLUPLUS affected the aP2 genes.

Results of aP2 genic expression

The results show that there was dramatic increase in number of aP2 gene after the samples were treated, which means EnvyCurve was absorbed and the body reacted to EnvyCurve well.

ATriglyceride analysis

Triglycerides are good biochemical indications to determine the amount of fat accumulation and production in the buttocks. They are the fat or lipids that are stored in the fat cells and are found in the blood. Triglyceride-GPO method was used to determine the amount of triglycerides Qg per mg of protein and in percentage of the accumulation, compared to the untreated control. The Bradford method was used for the protein determination.

After the treatment of VOLUPLUS, subjects have increased the accumulation of fats in area where it was applied by 22%, at the highest concentration which was 8ppm. This result indicates that Macelignan, the active ingredient of VOLUPLUS could affect the subject even at low doses. To have a better look at the fat cells which contains triglygerides, Oil Red-O tincture was applied to the cultures to photograph and observe them clearly. The adipocytes that were treated with VOLUPLUS have more triglycerides in them have more voluminous vacuoles compared to the untreated sample. This means that the ingredients of EnvyCurve increases accumulation and production of lipids by 22% and increases the expression of aP2 gene by 600%. This helps make the buttocks fuller and increase in volume to give you more curves.


12% Average Increase Versus Placebo in first quartile

4% Average growth versus placebo

18% Maximum Enlargement

80% of volunteers appreciate its effects & answered positively to the product

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